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Interpretation Notes
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schubert’s c-major fantasie for violin & piano

i’ve been looking for a recording like this for a while now!
a lot of interpretations of this fantasie are surpisingly brusque or monotone in their pacing.

kremer & afnassiev take patient care to arrive at points and dance together,
often with a willingness to totally sacrifice flow for incisive rebirths of the music.

sometimes it feels like they are tangoing without a care in the world.

afnassiev directs most of the rubato milking,
but he puts it to such good use,
creating a delicious tautness and contrast.
kremer is a little less dramatic and certainly more playful,
but they are so perfectly in sync through all the exaggerated slowing and speeding—
shockingly telepathic.
this is a fantasie with a certain breathiness and tiptoeing,
not an unabashed plunge into psychadelic dreams...